• MIKE RICHES - board member, founder, DIRECTOR, trainer

    Mike has served as a lead pastor for approximately 40 years beginning in 1983, which included living 3 years in London, England with his wife, Cindy. He is still in full-time pastoral ministry as lead pastor of Harborview Fellowship in Gig Harbor, Washington.


    Since 2001 Mike has ministered internationally having founded the Sycamore Commission. His vision is to see the Church equipped and effective in carrying out Jesus’ ministry and mission as He commissioned.


    His ministry involves teaching, training, leadership development and support, and freedom prayer training. It has taken him to many nations in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. He has authored Living Free: Recovering God’s Design for Your Life, The Living Set Free course manual, Walking in Freedom Course Manual, Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself and Others (co-authored with Tom Jonez), and The Freedom Prayer Training course.


    Mike and his wife Cindy live in Gig Harbor, WA.

  • CINDY RICHES - founding partner, trainer

    Cindy Riches has been in church leadership and ministry with Mike since 1983. Cindy thrives in ministering through her gifts and passion of teaching-exhortation and prayer. She has ministered both in the USA and internationally. Cindy loves time with her family, coffee and outings with friends, a good book, the outdoors, and travel.


    Cindy currently lives with her husband Mike in Gig Harbor, WA.

  • Tom Jonez - Founding Board Member, Trainer

    Tom is a pastor, consultant, business owner, Harborview Fellowship elder, and has been part of Sycamore Commission since its inception. Tom co-authored the training manual Hearing God’s Voice and Others and currently serves as a trainer/teacher for the ministry.

    Tom currently lives in Gig Harbor, WA with his wife Faye.

  • Larry Godt - Founding Board Member, Trainer

    Larry is a consultant, business owner, Harborview Fellowship elder, and has been part of the teaching team with Sycamore Commission since its inception. He currently serves as a trainer/teacher for the ministry.

    He currently lives in Gig Harbor, WA with his wife Lisa.

  • danny dewalt - founding board member, author, trainer

    Danny is a pastor, lawyer, college professor, and is currently Vice President and Chief of Staff at Pepperdine University. He teaches the Living Set Free, Hearing God’s Voice, and Freedom Prayer Training Courses. He also has written the book High Octane Marriage and a companion course manual, which is compatible to the Living Set Free training.

    He currently resides in California with his wife, Amy.

  • Arlyn Lawrence - Board Member, Editor, Trainer

    Arlyn is a Developmental Editor, Author, and Publishing Consultant. She has decades of experience in leadership and ministry roles in local churches and para-ministry organizations. Arlyn has provided her experience as a developmental editor and publishing consultant on the printed resources of Sycamore Commission. She now serves as a trainer/teacher for the ministry.


    Arlyn now lives with her husband Doug in the area of Gig Harbor, WA.

  • Karen Crowe

    Karen Crowe (formerly Karen Killmer) has been a teacher, trainer, and mentor in freedom ministry since 2005. The basis of her teaching and training has been the Living Set Free and Hearing God’s Voice courses combined with other curricula. She is passionate about helping people find freedom, victory, and healing from emotional wounds. She and her husband Dick live in Puyallup, WA.