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“We experienced a great conference, many participants were taken by surprise when they realized the impact it had on their lives. Many have started to put into practice what they learned. This is truly transforming people, the material has given them the tools to work with.”

- Marcus, Switzerland

“It was an opportunity to learn more in regards to the healing powers the Lord has given us. This has increased my faith and trust in the Lord!”

- Ray C., USA

“Pastors carry the burdens of the troubles that this country has gone through. It is they who are responsible to pray for those who have been traumatized and to help them to reconcile to the reality of the situation. You have helped to free us from fear and have truly reassured and given us confidence.“

- Pastor, Rwanda, Africa

“Learning that God will (and wants) to speak to me on a daily basis is a truth I never knew or accepted for myself. Now I eagerly anticipate growing even further in my relationship with Christ!”

- Jody T., Alberta Canada


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