Tension in the Prophetic


In our last installment we set forth a fundamental warning regarding protecting the prophetic against deception (click here to read the previous). Let’s continue to look at this important topic.

Safeguarding from deception and error related to the prophetic is critical. The prophetic has been discredited many times because it was poorly handled and not given strong and proper leadership.  An honest confession will admit that there have been messes and damage related the prophetic.

The mere fact of messes though is not a valid reason to discredit, ignore, or despise the prophetic.  My friend Tom likes to point out the insight found in Proverbs 14:4 which says, “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, but much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.”

This verse basically says that if you want a clean stable, don’t buy an ox.  But it is through the ox that much revenue comes.  Therefore you have a decision to make.  You can have a clean stable and go hungry, or you can have income with an ox that dirties the stable which you will have to clean. So it is with the prophetic.

The prophetic is an absolutely strategic and powerful weapon for God’s kingdom; but every once in a while you might have to clean up a mess.  But isn’t it that way with other ministries and disciplines within our Christian faith?  Has there ever been messes or damage related to leaders and leadership? How about teachers and teaching? What about marriages, or youth and children’s ministries? How about finances? Those in business and education experience messes on a regular basis.

We don’t do away with any of the above to save messes because of their value and necessity.  So it is with the prophetic.  We can’t afford a clean stall; we need the ox of the prophetic to work in the fields of our lives and ministries.  And, there are principles and truths that we can employ to minimize potential messes.  What are they?

In the next installment will begin to address some fundamental truths and principles to help us keep a clean stall while we are engaging the ox of the prophetic.

In pursuit of Living Free with you,

Mike Riches