SYCAMORE COMMISSION: Switzerland & Zambia Ministry Trip Report


Last month we traveled to Yverdon, Switzerland (north of Lausanne) as well as Ndola and Lusaka, Zambia for 3 Living Free conferences. We partnered with Campus Crusade for Christ in Switzerland for the Yverdon conference. Included with the Swiss delegates were people from Paris, France and Thessaloniki, Greece.

The teaching and ministry of the conference was well responded to, and by the testimonies shared, there was a deep work done in people’s lives. It was fun to make new friends from Thessaloniki. It also was encouraging to catch their vision for advancing God’s kingdom and the gospel throughout Greece and beyond. They expressed great hope for how Living Free can be used in that mission.

A 5-member team (Cedric van Duyn, Cindy Riches, Mike Neil, Tom Jonez, and me) went to Zambia. We were deeply blessed by the dedicated leaders we met. Men and women of great vision. We will never forget the heart and passion for Jesus that exuded from Teddy, Ernest, Lesley, Mathias, and so many more. Below are excerpts from a few testimonies;

I decided to visit my mother and my nephews and nieces, they all live here in Lusaka. After sharing God’s word based on what I learnt in the Living Free conference, I led my mum and my nieces and nephews through spiritual transactions of the 4-R’s prayer! It was powerful, the Lord touched my family. My mum was all tears, and my nieces. I know that I have started on the right footing, families and nations are waiting to receive the freedom from Christ.


I left the conference equipped and refreshed. I can only imagine the depth of the impact the teachings will continue to produce across this nation. Our team has already started using the resources you left with us. Thanks so much for your generosity.


We have a vision for Zambia and our neighboring countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, just to mention a few. With your permission and blessing, we would like to use your material. God brought you to our country for such a time as this.


We praise the Lord to hear good testimonies of what God did during the Living Free conferences in Zambia. That was our prayer to see the power of God setting free all English-speaking nations of Africa like he is doing in Rwanda using Living Free. Here in Rwanda we praise the Lord for his goodness, God is still doing wonders through Living Free, churches are experiencing revival, and the number of trainers are growing.


In pursuit of Living Free with you,
Mike Riches