Protection in Three Prophetic Components


In our last installment regarding Prophetic gifting and ministry we began to address protecting the prophetic (click here to read the previous). Let’s now look at another aspect of protecting the prophetic.

Understanding Three Components of the Prophetic

Understanding the three components of the prophetic is strategic. The three components are first revelation, second interpretation, and third application.

Revelation simply is that which is received from the Lord; whether it is via a dream, a vision, words, or any other means by which God communicates to people.  It simply is the message or revelatory disclosure itself.

The interpretation component is what is meant by what is received.  Another way of stating it is, “What does God want to communicate by the revelation or prophetic disclosure he has given?”

Lastly, the application component is determining what God wants us to do with the revelation/interpretation we received.

The person who teaches the Bible will identify with these components.  The revelation (Scripture) is first identified. Then principles of interpretation are applied to determine the truth God was communicating to the original audience.  Then finally when the revelation has been interpreted the next step is to understand how God wants the truths to be applied to the contemporary audience.

It is important to keep each component distinct and give separate attention to each. Identify clearly what was received, then what does God want to communicate through what was received, and finally what is to be done with what was received – whether we sit on it, pray on it, or act on it.

The simple discipline of giving due diligence distinctly to each component, without assumption, can save unnecessary confusion and offenses related to the prophetic. Remember to ask, “What is the revelation?” “What is the message in the revelation”? and “What does God want me to do with the revelation?

In pursuit of Living Free with you,

Mike Riches

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