The Prophetic . . . But Why? – Part 5

We have been looking at some biblical purposes for which God employs the prophetic in people’s lives (click here to read the previous). Let’s look at a fifth purpose.

Opening Doors for the Gospel

In John’s Gospel, chapter four, we read how Jesus penetrated an unbelieving lady’s heart by prophetically revealing parts of her life-story.  She ultimately was convinced of Jesus’ message that He was the Messiah and shamelessly shared her conviction.

First Corinthians 14:24-25 says that a prophetic word that reveals the secrets of a stranger’s heart can cause him or her to declare that God is present, and respond to God in conviction and worship.

I recall a meeting I had with a highly connected international businessman from Eastern Europe. He was a self-confessed agnostic, believing there could be a God but that such a God was disinterested in people and that He could not be personally known.

In prayer, prior to the meeting, my wife and I had a sense that this man was in a very difficult place in business, heartache over his mother being close to death, and his wife being seriously ill without a diagnosis. I wrote this down on a 3×5 card and went to the breakfast meeting.

As opportunities presented themselves throughout the meeting I appropriately shared with this man what we had received in prayer and that we had prayed for him. Everything I shared with him ended up being accurate, and I showed him the 3×5 card. At that point he stopped the conversation to ask, “How do you know all of this?”

I told him that while he may think that God is totally disinterested in him and that God cannot be known, the opposite is actually true. I said, “Jesus Christ, God the Son, is alive and knows the deepest recesses of your heart, and even more importantly cares for you and loves you.”  I then spent the next five minutes explaining to him the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He did not receive Jesus Christ as his Savior that morning. But he did say that he had just experienced a most powerful argument for Jesus Christ and the gospel as opposed to the world’s other religions.

The woman in John chapter 4 was not convinced of Jesus through intellectual argument, but through exposing the issues of her heart.

In pursuit of Living Free with you,

Mike Riches