Sycamore Commission on – The Original Design of God’s Creation

November 25, 2015 - Mike Riches

Qing Dynasty vases, though small, are worth hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge had a few on display. That is until an individual in a clumsy moment, tripped, crashed into them, and they were shattered to smithereens. Imagine what you would have felt had they belonged to you. […]


Sycamore Commission on – Sozo is What?

November 18, 2015 - Mike Riches

Last year some friends recently recognized my birthday with a bottle of wine. This gift was not as much for the liquid in the bottle as the label on the bottle—SOZO; including a definition. In Luke 19:10. Jesus declared He came to save what was lost. The English word “save” translates the Greek word sozo which means; to save, deliver, […]


Sycamore Commission on – The Church’s Mission is What?

November 12, 2015 - Mike Riches

In leading various trainings and conferences which include leaders, I will often ask the question “What is the mission of the Church?” Invariably the responses are diverse; infrequently do they laser in on Jesus’ concise commissioning of the Church. Jesus prayed for the Church regarding its mission. John 17 states that though Jesus desired for His […]


“Ruined for the Ordinary”

September 1, 2015 - Mike Riches
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