Living Free Now Translated in Armenian


Congratulations are in order for Daniel and Asya Kyburz and the team affiliated with their organization Light in Armenia ( for their hard work in completing the translation of the Living Free course into the Armenian language. Their mission is to see lives changed in Armenia through Jesus Christ.

The Living Free course is now available in 8 languages (Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, English, French, German, Kinyarwanda, and Spanish) with the 9th and 10th languages currently in the works.

In receiving Daniel’s email and photo of their newly completed translation, I was again reminded of just how powerful God’s truth, coupled with the Holy Spirit’s power is to change lives and to equip people to live in God’s power.

While living in England I learned that many of the truths comprising Living Free were fundamental to discipleship in the Early Church. During my time in Rwanda I discovered that these same truths were fundamental to the mid-20th Century East African Revival. And in my travels, I have experienced that these truths, coupled with the Holy Spirit’s power, transforms and empowers lives across all cultures and ethnic groups.

Last week our blog contained a few testimonies related to our first exposure to Zambia with Living Free in our most recent ministry trip. And, once again, lives transformed in freedom and living in new levels of God’s power was the outcome. That was simply because of humble lives connecting with God by His Spirit in the power of His truth.

While talking about Living Free, I want to take this opportunity to highlight the upcoming Freedom Intensive 2017 conference in Gig Harbor, WA in the USA during October 19-21. The following link (click here) will take you to the website page where you will find information on the conference and be able to register to attend – space is limited, so don’t delay!

In pursuit of Living Free with you,
Mike Riches