kNIGHTDemonstrating God’s power and authority over the enemy was a regular occurrence for Jesus. Much of His earthly ministry included directly and effectively addressing spirit beings of Satan’s kingdom, which the Scriptures call “demons.”

Other New Testament accounts show us that this practice was not limited to Jesus. Remember the 12 disciples, the 70, Paul, and Phillip just to name a few.

Many of us who are believers in Jesus Christ don’t share Christ’s boldness when addressing the reality of the demonic. I remember the first time I encountered a demonic spirit manifesting, I had serious trepidation.

Demonic spirits were a constant reality in Jesus’ ministry—and it is no less true today. While these spirits are powerful, the Scriptures are very clear that in Jesus Christ we have an authority greater than all the power of the enemy.
Denying the existence or influence of Satan—or fearing demonic spirits are both unbiblical. In James 4:7 we read that when we “resist the devil” he then flees. We are to recognize and resist not ignore or fear.

Doug and his wife were somewhat new as a prayer team. One evening during a prayer team training session, they sat down to pray with an elderly woman. Very quickly into the prayer time, a demonic spirit manifest itself in the normally gentle woman. She began to rock back and forth, unconsciously cursing. Doug and his wife, alarmed, looked for help. To their surprise I merely helped them move to a more private location to minister to her more discreetly.

During the prayer time the woman was gloriously set free through Doug and his wife. They learned not to fear the demonic, but rather in Christ’s authority to minister. Unfortunately, all too many Christians live in denial or fear of this reality, and sadly deprive people the ministry and freedom Jesus intended in setting captives free.

Christ’s authority in us definitely is more than a theological concept!

Mike Riches – Director, Sycamore Commission